And They Lived Happily Ever After


Director: Yvan Attal Actors: Johnny Depp, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sébastien Vidal , Yvan Attal, Chloé Combret, Christiane Oui-Oui, Alain Cohen, Carolina Gynning, Alain Chabat, Ben Attal, Emmanuelle Seigner Genres: Comedy, Drama, Music Country: France Release Year: 2004 Duration: 100 min Synopsis: Storyline: What makes a marriage? Georges and Natalie argue and shout constantly; Fred, a bachelor playboy approaching 50, sleeps with many women, loving them all, living with none. Vincent, nearing 40, best friend of Georges and Fred, is married to Gabrielle and they have a son. He keeps his feelings to himself. He and Gabrielle are playful and passionate with each other, then bored and detached. Is Vincent holding back, and if so, why? A colleague accuses him of believing in romantic fairy tales. Gabrielle imagines them separated. Are the basics of life women working and men chasing skirts? Is marriage the alternative to possibilities?